Cloud Platforms

Thanks to our wide variety of clients and projects, Instrument developers are comfortable working with many cloud platforms and services. Here’s a sampling of our expertise:

Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Our longstanding relationship with Google has cultivated both depth and breadth working with GCP. We’ve used it to power everything from websites to physical intallations, and it’s a go-to cloud platform for non-Google projects as well. From App Engine and Cloud Storage to BigQuery and the Cloud Vision API, we’ve done it all and will eagerly do it again.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Another cloud platform known and loved by Instrument is AWS. We’ve taken advantage of its full range of services, from old favorites EC2, S3, and Amazon RDS to emerging services such as Lambda, Serverless, AWS for Kubernetes (EKS), and Elastic Beanstalk.

Microsoft Azure (AZ)

Instrument has also delved deep into Azure, using its services to create a comprehensive answer to everything from issue tracking to hosting to deployment. We’ve combined AZ Storage, Container Registry, App Service, and more with the full offerings of Azure DevOps (formerly VSTS) to contstruct a stable, scalable, answer to client needs.


We’ve also used Firebase on a variety of projects, from quick prototypes to large-scale event systems. We love its simple, lightweight services and its ability to integrate into the project at hand, no matter the stack.